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NASC Success in Torbay Triathlon 2019

 Torbay Triathlon

 Newton Abbot swimmers started Easter Day with the triple challenge of swimming, cycling and running at the Torbay Triathlon held at Clennon. With race temperatures of 25oC it was tough going for our young competitors. 



Harriet Crawford, Iona Farquharson and Jensen Healey competed in the Tristar 3, 13/14 age group consisting of a: 300m swim, 7.5km cycle and 2.5km run. As expected they all performed well in the pool and were placed in the top 8 overall as they transitioned to the cycle. Jensen had an excellent cycle completing the 7.5km in an impressive 14:50 and Harriet also showed great cycling strength in 15:43. 

Iona completed the run in 9:27, the fastest time of all competitors. That lifted her to 2nd in a time of 32:24. Harriet finished 6th in 37:54. Jensen completed the triathlon in 34:35 narrowly missing out on 3rd. 

Xavier Houghton competed in the Tristar 2 event starting his race just before midday with temperatures even higher. After his 200m swim, 6km cycle and 1.95km run he finished 22nd in a time of 49:33.


All competitors should be proud of their determination to finish this gruelling challenge. Well done all!


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