Club Championships

Medley Skins 2018

The Medley Skins event will be held on Friday 14th December 2018 at 17:00. The selection for this event is based on the results of the 200m IM in the 2018 Club Championships .

This year we are running Junior and Senior Boys and Girls Skins. (Junior is under 14 on 31st Dec 2018). 

Medley Skins - How it Works

  • There will be 6 girls and 6 boys and they will swim alternate 50m races.
  • The swimmers are spearheaded according to their 200m IM result. 
  • The stroke (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, front crawl) will be drawn out of a hat before each swim.
  • The 6 girls start their race in the selected stroke and the slowest swimmer is eliminated for the next round.
  • 90secs after the girls started, the 6 boys will start. Similarly the slowest is eliminated.
  • 90secs after the boys started, the 5 remaining girls will swim their second round and so on, eliminating 1 swimmer from each round. So we're 'peeling off' one swimmer each time (hence skins).
  • There are 3 minutes between each round for each group.
  • For the first round only (boys and girls), the swimmers get full starting whistles, 'Take your marks' and starting signal.
  • For the second and subsequent rounds they get only a 10 second warning bell (when they must get on the block or into the water for backstroke) and then the start signal
  • The eliminated swimmer in each round draws the stroke for the next round out of a hat.
  • Swimmers stay in their original lanes except when there are 2 swimmers left, who will use lanes 3 and 4.
  • There is a monetary prize for the winning girl and winning boy and small prizes for each eliminated swimmer.
  • It is intended that we swim the Senior Girls and Boys Skins event first (alternating senior girls and senior boys).
  • The Junior Girls and Boys Skins event will follow.

Newton Abbot 2018 Club Championships NOW COMPLETE

The 2018 Club Championships are now complete. 

See Swimming>Competition Results>Detailed Results for results of all sessions.

Club Championships Best Times  since 2007 shown below include highlighted NEW BEST TIMES set in 2018.

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