Devon County

Devon County ASA Competitions

Championships and Age Groups (January thru March)

Individuals (January thru February)

Individuals require a qualifying time obtained since March of the previous year in a licensed meet.

Relay Gala (Usually March)

The Relay Gala comprises age group relays and is swum long course. Swimmers are selected for their Age Groups by the Head Coach and their selection confirmed via the Competition Secretary

Inter Club Gala (usually March)

The Inter Club Gala comprises individual and relay events between clubs affiliated to Devon County. Swimmers are selected by the Head Coach and their selection confirmed via the Competition Secretary

Sprints Gala (usually June)

This 50m sprint age group competition is for non-elite swimmers who did not compete in the sprints at the County Championships. Swimmers must compete in all four stroke disciplines.

Development Galas (usually June)

This age group competition is primarily for non-elite swimmers who are unable to qualify for the County Championships. Entry times and Cut-Off times apply and includes all events of 100m and above.

Seniors and Masters (usually June)

This competitions is unlicensed and is for 16+ Age Groups and registered Masters swimmers. This is now an open competition.


Devon County Age Groups and Championships

The 2019 individual competitions started on 12th January at the Plymouth Life Centre with the 800m Freestyle, and continue through January and February, concluding with the 1500m Freestyle on 23rd February. See Club Calendar for all Dates.
See below for full Programme,  QTs and Conditions.

Relay Gala

The 2019 Relay Gala will take place on Saturday 2nd March at the Plymouth Life Centre. This is swum Long Course and different age group teams may be entered. Selection for each team will be made by the Head Coach.

Inter Club Gala

The 2019 Inter Club Gala will take place on Sunday 3rd March at the Plymouth Life Centre. Selection for competing for Newton Abbot will be made by the Head Coach.

Sprints Gala

The 2019 Sprints Gala will take place on Sunday 9th June at the Plymouth Life Centre. Each swimmer must swim 50m in all four strokes. Any swimmer who has received a 1st, 2nd or 3rd medal in the 2019 Devon Age groups or Championships, or any swimmer who has competed in the 2019 50m Age Group or Championships events cannot enter. Further details to follow.

Development Galas

The 2019 Development Galas will take place on 8th, 15th, 16th June at the Plymouth Life Centre. There are cut off times for entry. Further details to follow 

Masters and Seniors Gala

The 2019 Masters and Seniors Gala is scheduled for Sunday 30th June at Plymouth Life Centre. Senior events are for swimmers aged 16 and over on 31st December 2019. Masters events are for swimmers aged 19 and over. This year the event is an Open Meet, not restricted to Devon swimmers.

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