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Newton Abbot SC Club Championships

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Devon County ASA Competitions

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Swim England South West Competitions

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Open Meets

Open meets will be managed and submitted by the Open Meets Secretary, the email address of whom can be found on the CONTACTS page.

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Devon County ASA Championships Jan-Feb2024

Devon County ASA Championships Jan-Feb 2024

Please see meet pack and qualifying times. If you are eligible to enter, please do so via your Active portal. 

2023 Arena League Round 1 - 14th October 2023

Well done to all our swimmers who took part in Round 1 of the National Arena League at Plymouth Life Centre on Saturday 14th Oct!  Newton Abbot swam in Lane 3 against 7 other other teams from Devon and Cornwall. It was a hugely noise and exciting atmosphere and there was great team spirit amongst all the teams taking part. The most exciting race of the day was the final race, the 8 x 50m Cannon Relay (1 boy, 1 girl from each age group)!  Head Coach Garry's tactic was the swim fastest first, which goes against what most teams do.  This meant we led the race for 7 of the 8 legs, with our team going crazy in their support.  It meant that Ewan was going to be racing against the 7 fastest swimmers of the other teams, but he did an excellent job and swam a huge PB!  

Well done and a huge thank you to Team Managers, Coaches and Officials who helped out. 


Points as follows:

1st   Tiverton       302
2nd  Truro           280
3rd   Paignton     269
4th   Dinnaton     248
5th   Devonport   201

6th   Newton Ab  189

7th   Dawlish       160
8th   Brixham      159  






Plymouth Leander Christmas Meet 2023

Please see below for information and meet pack  for the Plymouth Leander Christmas Meet on 10th, 16th and 17th December 2023. Please enter via your Active portals. Entries have now closed. Accepted entries will be listed here.


Paignton Long Distance L4 2023

Please see information below for the Paignton Long Distance events to be held in November and December 2023. These Level 4 events will act as part of the Club Championships. Open to Newton Abbot swimmers aged 11 and over (as at 31st Dec 2023). Entries now closed. We will notify you if your entry is accepted.

800m Freestyle Wednesday 22nd November at 6pm
1500m Freestyle Wednesday 13th December at 6pm

Club Championships 2023

Dates for the 2023 Sessions

1. Friday 24th November warm up 19:00

2. Tuesday 28th November warm up 19:00

3. Saturday 2nd December warm up 14:00

4. Sunday 3rd December warm up 14:00

5. Tuesday 5th December warm up 19:00

See attached Meet Pack for full details

Medley Skins 2023

The 2023 Medley Skins event will be held on Friday 15th December. The selection for this event will be based on the results of the 200m IM in the 2023 Club Championships

2022 Skins winnners were as follows:

Senior Boys   Rob Cacchione
Senior Girls   Charlotte Key
Junior Boys   Stanley Mitchell
Junior Girls    Gracie Stovin

This event tests the swimmers' endurance and strategy! This is how it works:

  • There will be a maximum of 6 girls and 6 boys and they will swim alternate 50m races.
  • The swimmers are usually spearheaded according to their 200m IM results
  • The stroke (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, front crawl) will be drawn out of a hat before each swim.
  • The 6 girls start their race in the selected stroke and the slowest swimmer is eliminated for the next round.
  • 90secs after the girls started, the 6 boys will start. Similarly the slowest is eliminated.
  • 90secs after the boys started, the 5 remaining girls will swim their second round and so on, eliminating 1 swimmer from each round. So we are 'peeling off' one swimmer each time (hence skins).
  • There are 3 minutes between each round for each group.
  • For the first girls' round and the first boys' round only, the swimmers get full starting whistles, 'Take your marks' and the start signal.
  • For the second and subsequent rounds they get only a 10 second warning bell (when they must get on the block for breaststroke, butterfly or front crawl or into the water for backstroke) and then the start signal.
  • The eliminated swimmer in each round draws the stroke for the next round out of a hat.
  • Swimmers stay in their original lanes except when there are 2 swimmers left, who will use lanes 3 and 4.
  • There is a monetary prize for the winning girl and winning boy and small prizes for each eliminated swimmer.
  • It is intended that we swim the Senior Girls and Boys Skins event first (alternating senior girls and senior boys).
  • The Junior Girls and Boys Skins events follow.
  • If there are fewer than 6 swimmers in any category,  the rounds will be adapted accordingly.

Club Championships Best Times Updated December 2022

We would like to congratulate the swimmers who set new best times in the 2022 Championships held in Nov/Dec. 

Particular congratulations go to Gracie Stovin in the Girls' 12-13 years age group who broke the 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m records!

In the Girls' 10 year age group, Aimee Jones set a new best time in the 100m Breaststroke.

In the Women's 16 and over age group, Erin Throgmorton-Appleby set a new best time in the 50m Freestyle.

In the Boys' 10 year age group, a new best time was set by Seth Steemson in the 50m Backstroke.

Congratulations to Gracie, Aimee, Erin and Seth, and well done to all our swimmers who took part in the Championships!

See below for Club Championships Best Times since 2007.
NEW BEST TIMES set in 2022 are highlighted.

Simplified Rules of Swim Racing

The rules for swimming can seem very complicated and confusing when your children start to compete, so we have drafted some simple rules for them to follow. 

There are a few finer details of the rules which will need to be observed once swimmers compete at higher levels.


  • The stroke sequence must be one arm pull followed by one leg kick throughout.
  • The arm movements must be simultaneous.
  • The leg movements must be simultaneous.
  • The feet must be turned out at the backward kick (like a frog!)
  • The hands must not be brought back beyond the hips (apart from at the start or after each turn).
  • The touch must be with both hands simultaneously at the turn and at the finish.
  • The head must come up during each stroke - no underwater swimming except after start/turns (where one underwater arm pull and one leg kick is allowed!)


  • The swimmer must remain on the back throughout the race except to perform a turn (which must be completed in a continuous action).
  • The swimmer must touch the wall at each turn but leave the wall on the back.
  • The swimmer must be on the back at the finish.
  • The swimmer must not be completely submerged, except for up to 15m after the start or turn and after the 5m mark whilst reaching for the finish.


  • The arms must be brought forward together over the water
  • The arms must be brought backward under the water simultaneously
  • The legs must be kicked together in an up and down movement (no alternating kick allowed).
  • The touch must be with both hands simultaneously at the turn and at the finish.


  • Freestyle means any stroke, except when it is the Freestyle part of Medley races (where it is usually Front Crawl)


  • In Backstroke, Butterfly and Freestyle some part of the body must be above the water at all times from 15 metres after the start and each turn.
  • Swimmers must not walk on the bottom of the pool.
  • Swimmers must touch the wall at each turn and at the finish.
  • Swimmers must not pull on lane ropes.

Individual Medley (IM)

  • Individual Medley means equal distances of Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle.
  • The strokes must be swum in the order listed above and rules must be followed for those strokes, including the finish of each stroke.
  • Freestyle must not be Butterfly, Backstroke or Breaststroke (it will usually be Front Crawl).

The Start

  • The start is signalled by short blasts of a whistle (get ready!) followed by one long blast of the whistle.
  • At this point the swimmer takes up the starting position on the block, pool edge or in the water if this is backstroke. For backstroke there is a second long blast of the whistle (hold the starting grips with both hands, facing the wall with feet on the wall).
  • The starter says ‘Take your Marks’ (take up starting position and keep still). When everyone is still the starter then sounds the starting signal. The swimmer must not move or start the race before the starting signal.
  • Swimmers not yet competent in forward-facing racing starts from the starting block or poolside may start in the water. They must enter the water on the long blast of the whistle and stay in contact with the side, rail or block with at least one hand until the start signal.

Swim England South West

Swim England South West Competitions

2023 SESW Regional Summer Championships
This year the Summer Championships were held as follows:

22nd - 23rd April        Millfield School, Somerset (Age Groups)
29th April - 1st May    Plymouth Life Centre (Youth)
13th - 14th May         Hengrove Pool, Bristol (Age Groups)
4th June                    Millfield School (Super Fast Five)

 Please see 2023 results so far here


  • Leagues

    Arena League

    Newton Abbot competes in the National Arena League in Western Division 1/2. This Division comprises 27 teams from the clubs in the 6 English Counties in the SW Region along with clubs from South and West Wales. The 3 league rounds take place annually on the 2nd Saturday in October, November and December. Potentially the team could swim these rounds at 3 different locations from Plymouth to Newport against other clubs from the Division! 

    Other Leagues

    Newton Abbot also competes in a number of local leagues:

    • East Devon Mini League
    • Scott Ormsby
    • Williams Shield


  • Club Championships

    Newton Abbot Club Championships are open to all swimming squad members.

    They take place annually in the Autumn at Newton Abbot Leisure Centre.



  • Devon County

    Devon County ASA Competitions

    Championships and Age Groups - Individual Events

    Individual events are swum long course and require a qualifying time obtained during the previous year in a licensed meet.

    Relay Gala

    The Relay Gala comprises age group relays and is swum long course. Swimmers are selected for their Age Groups by the Head Coach and their selection confirmed via the Competition Secretary. There are also Schools Relay Team events where the swimmers competitng are selected by their schools.

    Interclub Gala

    The Interclub Gala comprises individual and relay events between clubs affiliated to Devon County ASA. Swimmers are selected by the Head Coach and their selection confirmed via the Competition Secretary.

    Sprints Gala

    This 50m sprint age group competition is for non-elite swimmers. Swimmers must compete in all four stroke disciplines.

    Development Galas

    This age group competition is primarily for non-elite swimmers. Entry times and Cut-Off times apply and the competition includes all events of 100m and above.

    Seniors and Masters

    This competition is unlicensed and is for 18+ Age Groups and registered Masters swimmers. This is now an open competition.


  • Regional

    Swim England South West Region includes Cornwall, Devon, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset and Gloucestershire counties.

    Swimmers qualify for these regional competitions through Licensed Meets of level 3 and above in the year prior to the start of the competition.

    The Summer Championships are held Long Course whilst the Winter Championships are held Short Course. 

    Swimmers who qualified for and swam in the Summer Championships in any year may also compete in the Fast Five competition in the same year. This comprises 50m Sprints in all four strokes and 100m Individual Medley.


  • Open Meets


    Supported Meets

    Here are upcoming Open Meets which have the support of the club and for which entries will usually be managed by the Open Meet Secretary, the email contact for whom may be found in the CONTACTS page. Other meets (e.g. Masters and Open Water) may be displayed with specific entry information managed by the event organisers. 


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