Swimmer of the month 2016

Swimmer of the month

January 2016

Tyeson Balouza & Ruby Goff

Joseph Mortimer & Amy Cole

February 2016

No award given to main pool

Caleb Sims & Emily Gray

March 2016

Charlie Baker & Amy Ogley

Freddie Slocombe & Sorrell Anderson

April 2016

Max Stone & Maisy Henderson

Eliyah Sims & Bryony Matthews

May 2016

Robin Wood & Isla Frost

Toby Wotten & Megan Frost-Howe

June 2016

Cameron Gold & Emily Hunt

Seth Steemson & Polly Attwood

July 2016

Austin Blee & Liv Jones

Alfie Williams & Jamie Hellier

August 2016

* Summer Break *

September 2016

 Oliver Noyce & Freyja Hussey

 Ben Mills & Darcy Henderson

October 2016

Wil Hodkinson-Reeves & Jasmine Legge

Jack Holmes & Keira Blaney

November 2016

Samuel Griffin & Jessica Martin

Alfie Williams & Maisie Waye

December 2016

Oliver Broom & Amy Ogley

James Moss & Scarlett Blee


Newton Abbot Swimming Clubs Learn to Swim section has been going from strength to strength over the last few years.

Pictured are the swimmers of the month for 2016. This is awarded to two swimmers, one male and one female, in the main pool (stage 4-7) and two swimmers, one male and one female, in the learner pool (stage 1-3) each month.

These swimmers have shown great effort, attendance and improvement to gain the award. Well done to all the swimmers from the NASC Learn to Swim team.

Swimmer of the month photo for 2016.

In alphabetical order here are all the winners names: Sorrell Anderson, Polly Attwood, Charlie Baker, Tyeson Balouza, Keira Blaney, Austin Blee, Scarlett Blee, Oliver Broom, Amy Cole, Isla Frost, Megan Frost-Howe, Ruby Goff, Cameron Gold, Emily Gray, Samuel Griffin, Jamie Hellier, Darcy Henderson, Maisy Henderson, Wil Hodkinson-Reeves, Jack Holmes, Emily Hunt, Freyja Hussey, Liv Jones, Jasmine Legge, Jessica Martin, Bryony Matthews, Ben Mills, Joseph Mortimer, James Moss, Oliver Noyce, Amy Ogley, Freddie Slocombe, Caleb Sims, Elijah Sims, Seth Steemson, Max Stone, Maisie Waye, Alfie Williams, Robin Wood and Toby Wotton.




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