Swimmer of the month 2014

Swimmer of the month

January 2014

Pierce Gerring and Isabelle Mills

Jasper Sercombe and Charlotte Mullen

February 2014

Jack Shepherd and Rosa Thame

Matthew Cacchione and Chloe Mutton

March 2014

Isaac Helyer and Caitlin Yeomans

Jack Edmunds and Florence Ayres

April 2014

Warren Coyle-Moore and Isabel Helyer

Josh England and Isabella Cleary-Roberts

May 2014

Thomas Hodgkiss and Skyla Stevens

Austin Blee and Izzy O'Gormon

June 2014

Nathan Shelley and Lily-May Manley

Matthew Handcock and Rosie Steemson

July 2014

No male and Phobe Hammett

Oliver Noyce and Isabella Passarelli

August 2014

*Summer Break*

September 2014

Thomas Slocomber and Abigail Wotten

Matthew Mills and Evie Kenny

October 2014

Ben England and Kellis Rabley

Oliver Dixon and Aliyah Brown

November 2014

Matthew Cacchione and Kira Mullen

Adam Moore and Kacey Bryant

December 2014

*Christmas Break*



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