Swimmer of the month 2013

Swimmer of the month

January 2013

Leo Buchanan and Ashleigh Steer

Jamie Brown and Lara Kingdon

February 2013

Kye Steer and Amy Smith

Joshua Tomlinson and Megan Badcock

March 2013

Jack Hervin and Martha Harnett

Robert Cacchione and Sophie Locke

April 2013

Robin Wood and Amy Ogley

Isaac Hellyer and Felicity Dunning 

May 2013

Thomas Slocombe and Grace Cobley

Freya Hammett

June 2013

Thomas Hodgkiss and Rebecca Rhodes

Harry Horder and Niamh Pratt-Smith

July 2013

Robert McCaffery and Ella Handcock

Jack Fox and Caitlyn Fee

August 2013

Jay Bulley and Katie Smith

Leo Thame and Caitlin Yeomans

September 2013

Charlie Forey and Abigail Wotten

Heston Brocklehurst and Molly Squires

October 2013

Charlie Gold and Desnee- Rose McKenzie 

Gabriel Parker and Allie Cheeseworth

November 2013

Thomas Hodgkiss and Libby Gimson

George Pedrick and Freya Buchanan

December 2013

Matthew Rhodes and Sophie Locke

Casper Lewis and Grace Stovin



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