Swimmer of the Month 2018/19

February 2019

Main pool - Lizzie Weatherdon and Oscar Locke
Learner pool - Reuben Pate and Beatrice Robinson

January 2019

Joshua Ballard and Olivia Houlston - learner pool
Toby Wotton and Megan Jones - main pool

December 2018

Aaron Saunders and Freya Wills (learner pool)

Gethin Jones and Yasmin Yelland (main pool)

November 2018

Hugo Boyle and Jessica Weatherdon (learner pool)
Alfie Williams and Amelia McCue (main pool)

October 2018

Learner pool - Liam Forbes & Freya Houghton
Main pool - Oliver Key & Sofia Mifsuf

September 2018

Learner pool - Wouter Robinson & Summerly Mills

Main pool - Lizzie Cacchione & Ewan Blaney

July 2018

Learner pool - Matthew Short & Phoebe Sharman

Main pool - Oliver Dymond

June 2018

Learner pool - Bryony Matthews and Aiden Cole

Main pool - Ella Holmes

May 2018

Main pool - Eddie Morris and Emma-Jane Taylor

Learner pool - George Dymond and Marlee Sharman

April 2018

Main pool - Stanley Mitchell and Holly Davies

Learner pool - Henry Jones and Lilly Ball

March 2018

Elliot Hussey & Pip Hobbs,

Samuel Falkner & Niamh Harrison

February 2018

Dylan Jenkins & Lily Vallance

Oliver Dymond & Melody Rainbow

January 2018

Reuben Mayell & Amelia Legge

Jack Wills & Scarlett Blee


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