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Welcome to our Discovery Squad section for children who are starting their swimming journey.

We currently hold swimming lessons on a Sunday afternoon (between 3:45pm and 4.15pm) at Newton Abbot Leisure Centre.

Want to join?
If you are interested in joining the club, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following details: -

• Name of child.
• Date of Birth.
• Ability (Swim England stage of swimming or distance able to swim unaided)
• Name of current swim school if applicable.

Please be aware that our club is volunteer run and therefore there may be a delay in responding to your email.

National Teaching Plan
The National Teaching Plan for swimming was developed by Swim England (formerly the Amateur Swimming Association). The plan consists of 7 stages, each of which has a set criterion which swimmers must achieve, to progress to the next stage.

The Discovery Squad is separated into 5 groups, rather than stages of swimming, meaning that children may be taught the criterion of two swimming stages, whilst remaining in one group. 

Groups 1 and 2 are taught in the shallow end of the main swimming pool.
Children are encouraged to progress in a safe environment, taking part in activities which build their water confidence and fundamental movement skills, with the emphasis being learning through fun.
Our main objective is to teach stroke technique rather than develop stamina, due to the age of the children.
The benefits of teaching technique whilst young is that we can embed the perfect stroke at the earliest opportunity, which enables children to progress into competitive swimming without retraining.

Groups 3 to 5 are also taught in the main pool, either in the deep end or swimming lengths.
Groups 3 to 5 enable swimmers to build their stamina, as they are encouraged to swim greater distances, whilst continuing to develop their stroke technique.
On completion of group 4 swimmers move to group 5, which takes place on Friday evenings between 7.00pm and 7.30pm. This is a transition group designed to prepare swimmers for a seamless move into the Development Squad.

From the Development Squad swimmers will have the opportunity to progress onto our Junior and Senior Squads.

Competitive Swimming
Our Discovery Squad is designed to develop swimmers into the competitive swimmers of the future, and therefore there is a focus on ensuring that stroke technique is correct. This may differ from other swimming schools your children may have attended and may also mean that their progress through the swimming stages is slightly slower. 
We hold an annual Ribbon Gala for our Discovery squad swimmers. All Discovery Squad swimmers are encouraged to enter regardless of ability as there are races to meet all abilities. This fun gala is designed to introduce swimmers to competitive swimming in a fun and non-pressured environment, with the only expectation is that the swimmers have fun. 

Teachers and Helpers
We have a very dedicated team of Swim England qualified teachers and coaches plus helpers who work with the children to provide high quality tuition. All our teachers and helpers are volunteers, with the majority being club swimmers, who are passionate about the success of the club. The majority have been through the club swimming programme and therefore have a unique understanding and empathy for our learner swimmers.

Getting ready to start lessons
When starting a swimming lesson with us male swimmers must wear swim trunks/Jammers or tight fitted swim shorts and female swimmers must wear a one-piece swimming costume.
All swimmers must wear a swimming hat during their lessons.
Goggles are optional, although it is important that children learn to swim with and without them.

Achievement badges
When swimmers are ready to move up to the next group an email will be sent to the parent’s email address that we have on record, advising them that their child is ready to move up, providing a start date and their new teachers details.
We keep a record of the Swim England Stages that have been passed and hold ‘badge afternoons’, where you can purchase your child’s badge and certificate.  We hold these afternoons on the balcony by the main pool at regular intervals throughout the year.



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