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Welcome to the ‘Learn to Swim’ section of Newton Abbot Swimming Club.

Want to join?

If you are interested in joining the club and would like your child to come in for an assessment please use the contact details below and we will reply as soon as possible. 

 Learn to Swim Lead Teacher: Faye This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

National Teaching Plan

The National Teaching Plan for swimming was developed by the Amateur Swimming Association. The plan consists of 7 stages, each including various outcomes which the swimmers must achieve in order to progress to the next stage.

Stages 1-3 of the National Teaching Plan are taught in the learner pool where children are encouraged to progress in a safe environment, taking part in activities which build their FUNdamental movement skills with the emphasis being learning through fun. Our main goal in the learner pool is to teach stroke technique rather than stamina, this is due to the children being at a young age. The benefit of your child being young and taught technique means that we can embed the perfect stroke.

Stages 4-7 are taught in the main pool. Once children move up to stage 4 they will have the chance to gain stamina when they swim lengths, usually on the first Sunday each month. They will also be encouraged to start training for competitions and learn vital water safety skills in the higher stages.

The next stage will be moving into Junior squad where the swimmer can continue to achieve stages 8, 9 and 10 badges. Once this has been achieve they will be offered to swim in our Senior squad. This will allow swimmers to continue to work on their techniques while acquiring speed and stamina which then gives the opportunity of swimming competitively for the club and personally.

Competitive Swimming Club

We run our learn to swim to a higher standard than the usual learn to swim or swimming programmes that you may have been to or heard of. Therefore, you will find that are stages are more thorough in details. We ensure that the little details of the strokes are correct before moving them to the next stage.

Our teachers

We are a team of ASA qualified swimming teachers and coaches with a number of squad swimmers as poolside helpers who work with the children to provide the highest quality of lessons. All our teachers are volunteers who give their time freely to teach your children. They give up their time because of their passion for teaching children to swim.

·      Stage 1 – Harry

·      Stage 2 – Olivia

·      Stage 3 – Faye

·      Stage 4 – Donna, Abi,  Kim & Jacob

·      Stage 5 – Donna, Larissa, and Abi

·      Stage 6 – Donna, Larissa, Abi and Beth

·      Stage 7 – Jac & Sophie

Getting ready to start your lessons

When starting your swimming lesson with us, male swimmers must wear swim trunks or fitted swim shorts. Female swimmers must wear a one piece swimming costume.

All swimmers must wear a swimming hat during their lessons. We encourage the use of googles but they must be worn from stage 4 upwards.

 Achievement badges

As your child passes each stage you will receive a email to confirm the movement to the next stage. You can then show this email to Coral who sits in the main reception area most Sundays from 5.00pm. You can buy a certificate and badge for £2.50. We also have achievement badges for distances, for example 5m, 10m, and 25m.

Want to join?

If you are interested in joining the club and would like your child to come in for an assessment please use the contact details above and we will reply as soon as possible.

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