In order to minimise 'bots' searching for valid email addresses, Webmaster has removed the actual email addresses of our club officers from this page. In order to contact our club officers, please attach the following prefixes to  @newtonabbotswimmingclub.co.uk

  • Chairperson                           chair

  • Club Secretary                       clubsec

  • Treasurer                               clubtreasurer

  • Minutes Secretary                  minutes

  • Head Coach                          headcoach

  • Learn to Swim Admin             teaching

  • Competition Secretary            compsec

  • Open Meets Secretary            opensec

  • Water Polo Secretary              polo

  • Water Polo U13 Coach            polo13coach

  • Team Manager                       team

  • Welfare Officer/Child Protection  care

  •         Assistant Welfare Officer         care
  • Publicity Officer                     promo

  • Swimwear (Shop)                  clubshop

  •         Webmaster                           webmaster
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