Club Personnel

Committee Post Name
President Adrian Brown     
Chairperson Sarah Fox
Secretary Mandy Locke
Treasurer Coral Waldock   
Competition Secretary Becky Bellett
Team Manager                                            

Trina Gilderthorp                                             

Minute Secretary Liz Tapper
Water Polo Secretary           Sophie Sercombe
Committee 1 Ally Healey
Committee 2 Kevan Locke
Committee 3 Donna Throgmorton
Committee 4 Phil Whiting
Committee 5 James Henderson
Committee 6 Alex Dawson
Committee 7 Lee Curtis
Committee 8 Tracey Noyce 
Non Committee Posts  
Assistant to Club Secretary  Kevan Locke
Welfare Officer / Child Protection Claire Corry
Assistant Welfare Officer  VACANT
Open Meets Secretary Kathy Forward
Webmaster Kathy Forward
Data Protection Officer VACANT
Swimwear (Shop) VACANT
Publicity Officer VACANT
Learn to Swim Administrator VACANT
Social Secretary VACANT
Trophy Steward Mandy Locke,  Becky Bellett
SwimMark Co-ordinator Liz Tapper
Membership Secetary Coral Waldock
Registration Officer Coral Waldock
Masters Secretary Becky Bellett
Gala Officials Organiser Becky Bellett
Volunteer/Workforce Co-ordinator Mandy Locke
Water Polo sub-committee Phil Whiting, Roger Bossom, Tom Bossom 
Competition sub-committee 

Becky Bellett, Kathy Forward,
Donna Throgmorton 



Learn To Swim  
L2 Teachers  
Donna Throgmorton  Laura Trist (Cover)
Larissa Allton  Katie Trist (Cover)
Harrison Moss  
L1 Teachers  
Erin Ruth  Emmie Parsons
Lana Hands  Tom Gray
Debbie Wilson  
Swimming Coaches
Garry Mitchell (Head Coach)  Maria Lamont Tuckett
Donna Throgmorton  Sarah Edmonds
Andrea Gascoyne  
Water Polo Coaches  

Phil Whiting

Roger Bossom
Helen Condy Young Rob Condy Young
Tom Bossom Rhys Tamlyn
Tom Manley Chris Holt
Toby Marks  


Club Job Descriptions  


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