Code of Ethics and Conduct for Swimmers

Your Responsibilities:

  1. To abide by the terms of the discipline policy 

  2. To arrive on poolside 3 minutes before the start of the training session. To be ready 
to start swimming at the training session start time 

  3. To arrive at galas/open meets or water polo matches in good time and prior to warm up times 

  4. To respect others and to be polite and courteous to all 

  5. To abide by the rules and codes of the sport and the club at all times 

  6. To set positive examples and help others 

  7. To always remember you are representing your club and behave accordingly 

  8. To be a good sport in winning and losing 

  9. To be a good team member and always provide encouragement and recognise others 

  10. To make every effort to improve and develop your skills, technique and fitness by 
attending and working hard in all training session available to you 

  11. To not skip lengths or stop at the end of the lane and complete all drills
  12. To not talk when the Coach/Helper is speaking and to listen to instructions 

Your Rights:

  1. You can expect to be encourages to achieve your very best at all times 

  2. You can expect help and encouragement in developing your skills, technique and 

  3. You can expect support and understanding 

  4. You can expect to be treated politely with fairness and respect 

Things You Need to Do:

  1. Arrive on time – see point 2 and 3 of your responsibilities above 

  2. Use the toilet and shower facilities before the start of a training session, gala, open 
meet or water polo matches 

  3. Ensure you have the correct equipment including drinks before the start of the 
training session, gala, open meet or water polo match 

  4. Inform Coach/Helper of any medical conditions or injuries before you start the 
training session. Ensure that you are fit and well enough to take part as NASC cannot be held responsible for injuries caused or aggravated further as a result of normal training 

  5. Inform the Coach/Helper if you need to leave the session early
  6. Advise the Coach/Team Manager as soon as possible if you are unable to attend a gala, open meet or water polo match

And above all, enjoy your swimming and be the best you can be.

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